About the Journal

ife is complex, and there are millions of species alive today. Many millions more lived in the past and then went extinct. Life science is the study of life and living things. Living things are also called organisms. Organisms include microscopic, single-celled organisms. They also include complex, multicellular animals such as you. Clearly, life science is a huge science. Each field of life science has its own specific body of knowledge and relevant theories. However, two theories are basic to all of the life sciences. They form the foundation of every life science field. They are the cell theory and the theory of evolution by natural selection. Both theories have been tested repeatedly. Both are supported by a great deal of evidence. Acta Scientifca Malaysia focus on all branches of life sciences such as ecology, botany, zoology, microbiology, entomology, cell biology, physiology, genetics, epidemiology and paleontology, etc.,